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Phaze I – Screams Of Dying Dogs

Posted by metalarena on October 16, 2009

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Screams of Dying Dogs
Easy prayer for forgiveness
But they will never forget you
This community is too unforgivable
Screams of dying dogs

Whose paws melt with acid
They drag you to their pound
Abandon your soon-to-be lifeless carcass
Without even giving it a lethal blow

Cruelty is just the reflection of the soul
They will punish you for what you haven�t done
Lead you to extinction
Our feelings have fed them
They will punish you for what you didn�t say
And you�ll disappear without a sound
Guided right down to the bottom
Guiding you to your downfall

Days may seem peculiar
But nights remain the same
The pilgrims� gold cannot save you

Your life (will be) bartered for heat
My children and I are famished
Time has come to rise
My army�s power and wrath
Is gonna build the fractured path
Passing men crushed by despair

But don�t feel like helping them there
People know me through their wishes

They seek in me the strength they lack
Hope will not emerge all of sudden
Another form of life will remain
As a result of too many errors

We bring the solution

Phaze I

Phaze I

Phaze I

Phaze I

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